Laughter is the Best Medicine

(CARLSBAD, CA) – Struggling with downcast emotions? Experiencing a bad case of the blues? Feeling run down? Try laughing more! The infamous expression that “laughter is the best medicine” just may be true.

Recent research indicates that laughter’s effects on the body are beneficial in more ways than one. A healthy dose of laughter can invoke an array of wellness benefits, including a stronger heart and a smaller waistline!

Not convinced that a sense of humor should be a priority in your life? Take a look at what medical research shows to be the results of getting a good laugh:

  • Improved immunity – Stress wreaks havoc on your immune system. But humor can actually increase the levels of antibodies that fight off infection and boost your immunity.

  • Blood flow – A study at the University of Maryland concludes that laughter causes blood vessels to expand and contract more easily. While stress constricts blood vessels by as much as 35 percent, laughter opens up blood vessels a whopping 22 percent more than when your body is at rest.

  • Cholesterol control – Just one month ago, Loma Linda University researchers reported that laughter is linked to improved cholesterol levels. A one-year study documents a 26 percent increase of HDL (good) cholesterol among a group with regular laughter, contrasted by a mere 3 percent increase in the control group.

  • Cardiovascular health – The same Loma Linda study that reports improved cholesterol levels also indicates a lowered risk for cardiovascular disease among people who experience frequent laughter.

  • Weight loss – Laughing burns about 50 calories per hour. That’s one reason to add this weapon to your arsenal of slim-down tactics! But, don’t ditch exercise. Jazzercise Founder and CEO Judi Sheppard Missett suggests a healthy dose of laughter combined with a healthy diet and regular physical exercise is key.

Still skeptical? Consider this: Regardless of whether or not you choose to believe the latest research about the physiological benefits of laughter, there’s no doubt that a good sense of humor can improve your quality of life.

So, the next time you’re tempted to reach for a bag of cookies to ease your worries, try watching a half-hour comedy show instead. You may just laugh your way to a revved-up immune system or heart health that will allow you to enjoy a few laughs for years to come.

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