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There are a lot of good reasons to be acquainted with the Lenexa Jazzercise. Besides being a home to dance fitness in Kansas City for 21 years, that it’s been remodeled into something more beautiful than just any gym in Lenexa, and that it would take you an entire day to count the number of pounds lost here, there is something else. No, if there is one thing you need to know about the Lenexa Jazzercise Location, it is this –

It is full of the busiest women on the planet.

Multiple women here own a business. Multiple women have, well, multiple children. One even has triplets. You Dance Fitness Classhave women with PHD’s, women in school, women battling diabetes. Some even have almost all of the above.
We love this location because for how busy these women are, they are still participating in, and in some cases teaching, the best aerobic dance program they can find 4 – 5 times per week! If you asked these women how they do it all, they would tell you that if this were just any other gym it would impossible. Jazzercise is their release; it is what they do to unwind and the hour that they spend flies by.  It just so happens they can get in amazing shape in the process.
Not just another Gym, Not just any instructors.
Get to know some of the instructors below, and if you already know them say hi in the comments!

Kelly Sweeney
“I’ve taught Jazzercise for 30 fantastic years!  LOVE what I do and especially enjoy seeing those who think they don’t like exercise LOVING Jazzercise class!”

Jennifer Lohoefener
Jennifer is as diverse as she is into dance fitness. Between teaching, she applies a PHD in computer science to being a full time software engineer and being a full time mom. Her little girl is already doing Jazzercise at home.

Amy Weeks
Amy is a Jazzercise instructor in Lenexa.  She started on a 12-week offer, and started coming EVERY single day.  A year later she had lost about 80 pounds and was preparing to go to workshop.  She now teaches 3-4 classes every week!
Ann Johnson
Ann teaches 3-4x per week and she is the mother of TRIPLETS! She also assists her husband in running a new business.
Natalie Hughes
Natalie is a morning and afternoon instructor with a new baby girl.  She also has Type 2 diabetes, but was able to teach jazzercise throughout her pregnancy and get right back into teaching after the baby.
Caroline King
Caroline started jazzercise when she moved to KC in 2007 and was hooked from day 1! A busy mom of 5 kiddos ages from 11 years-20 months, office manager for her husband's chiropractic practice, teaching jazzercise 4-5/week is her secret to keeping it all together.
Michelle Thomas
Michelle Thomas has been teaching Jazzercise for about 13 years and loves how Jazzercise combines the energy and fun of dance with a challenging total body workout.  It's addictive!!! Michelle is also a "dance mom" of an awesome 11 year old daughter.

Know one of these rockstars of the dance fitness world? Show some love below! 
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