Age: 53
Occupation: Architect, teacher, mom of 2

Nancy’s story:

Ten months ago, my cardiologist was very concerned with my high blood pressure and wanted to put me on blood pressure pills. I was also on cholesterol pills and I thought "What? I'm 52 yrs. old. What is happening?!" I told him to hold off and that I promised I would work to bring it down by diet and exercise. I used to try and run a few miles with my husband. Hated it! I tried 'aerobics' to that techno sound. No, thank you! I saw an ad for Jazzercise, started, and I was hooked! I committed myself to health and fitness.

If you can dance and workout at the same time, why not? It's fun and it WORKS! Having your workout fun, something you actually 'want' to do is the key! It's the one and only exercise program that "gets" me. Dancing is just so integral to me. Not that I'm some awesome dancer or anything, it's just that the music beat hits me down deep and I just want to move. Having so many fun and varied music genres to work out to makes exercising a blast and the instructors are all so amazing!

I have lost 34 lbs and five dress sizes. I owe it all to the cardio and strength training of the Jazzercise workout. My cholesterol has dropped 30 pts and my blood pressure is down. I have more energy and feel so much better about myself. I feel stronger both physically as well as mentally. I am honestly a complete Jazzercise success story. This workout has literally changed my life!