Age: 45
Occupation: Author, Jewelry designer and creator, step mom

Bo’s story:

A few years back I lost my husband and found myself in a very difficult state emotionally, mentally, and physically. I knew that I needed something to lift my spirits and make me feel alive again. I was introduced to Jazzercise two years ago by my aunt. What a world of difference since then. I now have an amazing support system, lifetime friends, and an outlet to let loose. Jazzercise literally feeds my spirit, while toning and shaping every inch of my body.

The music, the moves… you just can’t go wrong. I can shake my groove-thing and dance away, not even realizing the hour has flown by. I have finally found a workout and support group I can stick with. I’m happy to say Jazzercise will be in my life forever. Jazzercise is doing some incredible service to women everywhere on many different levels. I am so grateful and appreciative.