Age: 28
Occupation: Dance Teacher, Jazzercise Instructor

Ashley’s story:
I grew up with Jazzercise; my mom has co-owned a Jazzercise center and been an instructor for nearly 30 years. I have many memories of watching her learn routines in our living room. I would come to take her class when I was really young. I'm very passionate about dance, as well as music and that’s what really draws me to Jazzercise. The workout is so unique and so thoughtfully put together. You don’t just get an instructor who plays background music like at the gyms – no, not at Jazzercise. All of the routines are choreographed to popular music and every muscle movement is thought out…of course you don’t realize it when you’re shakin’ it in class, but you feel it afterwards. As an instructor now, I have the opportunity to do what I’m passionate about and spend time with my family making wonderful memories.

Age: 60
Occupation: Jazzercise Center Owner, Certified Personal Trainer, mother of 2

Carol’s story:
I’m a proud mama! I am so fortunate to have two wonderful daughters that always impress me. We are such a close family and it means so much to me that we share our love for Jazzercise together. I have been teaching for over 30 years and I still come away from every class feeling like a million bucks. I love to see my mom and daughters in my class having just as much fun as me. I feel so luck to say that I’ve influenced so many lives and made life-long relationships throughout the years. Jazzercise is a very special thing; it’s hard to put into words how a program can impact your life and your family so much.

Age: 87
Occupation: Retired Registered Nurse, Mother of 4

Edie’s story:
I have been attending Jazzercise for 31+ years. I am lucky to say that I am on no medications at age 87 and I still feel so young and healthy. I attribute it all to Jazzercise and the support system I have. They keep me going and energetic. Jazzercise is a family thing; I get to spend time with my daughters and granddaughters and we have such a great time dancing together. Many people have told me "I want to be just like you when I grow up!" That always puts a smile on my face.