April 2014

Breaking News: Peeps Now Healthiest Food in the World

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Breaking News: Peeps Now Healthiest Food in the World

peeps.jpgThis morning the news channel CNM reported that the lab at the school, U of S has just released findings that the popular spring candy PEEPS have now made it to the top of the list for one of the healthiest foods in the world. After extensive research, studies showed that the nutritional value of PEEPS is relatively close to that of salmon, asparagus and other power foods that aren’t quite as tasty as PEEPS.

The school only cautioned about one inconclusive portion of the study. They believe that it is better to keep a variety of colors of PEEPS in your diet just as with vegetables to really get the full health benefits of PEEPS. As you can see in these  photos, people are so elated about this news that they are lining up around the world to get as many of these tasty little nutrition packed treats  in their hands as they can.   
Messy-store.png         Store-line.png
The best part of today’s news is this! Concerned that people will begin switching from fish to PEEPS, sushi restaurants around the world have come together to offer PEEPS sushi. They are so concerned with losing business that they immediately started creating PEEPS sushi to fill in the menu. 
We hope you enjoyed hearing this great news from the University of Sarcasm. Just don’t get too excited. April fools! Pass it on!

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